Friday’s letters: Don’t blame refugees for recession

Re. “Taking care of Canadians first,” Letters, April 19

L.J. Miller’s view to ban immigrants raises concern, but not for the reasons given.

It is unfortunate the writer has lost coverage, and I hope she is able to get work soon and obtain necessary medical benefits. However, I do not feel Syrian refugees are to be blamed for a weak economy and job losses. This group indeed receives free health care, but that is part of the settlement process. Remember their dental, vision and drug care is temporary until they enter the labour market and contribute to the economy along with other Canadians.

Scapegoating immigrants is not the answer. The practice is well known south of the border and in some European nations. Let’s not make it part of our wonderful country.

We can afford immigrants, but we cannot afford misconceptions of their contributions to Canada.

Margaret Hodgson, Edmonton

Balance needs of newcomers and longtime Canadians

This is one example of discontent amongst many others, especially due to financial hardship people are facing in these economic times.

Government should address these concerns on war footing. One of the main reasons for Brexit was economic hardship and disapproval of immigration.

While not drawing a parallel, the same kind of situation is developing here. When the Liberals emerged victorious in the last election due to overall rejection of the Conservatives by voters, a positive change was expected in the right direction from a micro-level perspective.

Canada welcomes immigrants and refugees with open arms, and should continue to do so, however, it is the responsibility of government to maintain balance between Canadians who have lived here for generations and new Canadians.

Anas Khan, Beaumont

Immigrants contribute to economy

What are you talking about L. J. Miller? Have you not heard of employment insurance you can claim if you are laid …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal

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