Fingerprint, face scan, or password: what’s the best way to unlock your Galaxy S8?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 is hitting stores this week and it’s bringing a lot features, design, and screen along with it. The S8 (and its larger sibling, the S8 Plus) is one of the best phones ever made and the best phone you can buy right now. I suggest you read my full review for more info on them.

But if you’ve already ordered or bought an S8, you might be wondering what the best way to unlock it is. Because unlike Samsung’s prior phones, the S8 doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner on the front. Instead, it’s on the back of the phone, near the camera. This can present issues with comfort (it’s hard to reach) and practicality (you’re very likely to put your finger all over the camera lens when trying to use it).

So Samsung has introduced a…

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