Elon Musk’s dreams of merging AI and brains are likely to remain just that — for at least a decade

Elon Musk wants to fix disability, replace language as we know it, and use brain implants to usher us into a telepathic world. And he wants the first part of this to be done in the next four years. All of this could theoretically work, experts say. But probably not on the timeline that Musk has set.

Yesterday, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO gave more details about NeuraLink Corp, his venture to merge the brain with artificial intelligence, in a Wait But Why explainer. In four years, Musk hopes to have a brain-machine interface that helps people with disabilities, like strokes or brain legions, regain bodily function. In 8-to-10 years, he wants people without disabilities to be able to use it too. The possibilities he raises are exciting: play…

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