Kendall Jenner was everywhere at Coachella — but refused to talk Pepsi ad

Kendall Jenner was buzzing around Coachella over the weekend but exuded radio silence over the controversial Pepsi ad that continues to haunt her and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

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Nine days after Pepsi pulled its offensively tone deaf ad starring Kendall, the 21-year-old model flaunted her backside in a sheer skirt and black thong while posing for Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram Stories Friday night. The two best friends were attending one of the star-studded events at the three-day music festival in Indio.

On Saturday night, Kendall also was spotted hanging “all over” rapper A$AP Rocky at the #WeedMapsOasis Party where he was performing. She also reportedly turned down any pot that was passed around, TMZ reported.

Also on Saturday, she and younger sister Kylie Jenner teamed up to host dating app Bumble’s Winter Bumbleland Coachella party.

But despite some Instagram photos that Kendall, Hailey and Kylie posted, with Kendall looking glowing and smiling, other observers say that she mostly looked unhappy at the Bumbleland event, with a frown “that refused to turn upside-down,” People reported.

A source also told People that Kendall spent …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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