B.C. election 2017: Meet the war room operatives running the B.C. campaigns

VICTORIA — The public face of B.C.’s political parties during an election are usually the leaders and candidates. But behind the scenes, it’s the strategists and organizers who are key to getting out the votes on election day.

The B.C. Liberals have reunited most of the group responsible for the party’s come-from-behind 2013 election victory. The B.C. NDP have brought in an outsider to put a fresh perspective on their campaign. And the B.C. Greens are growing on the fly, as they run their first large-scale election operation.

Here’s a look at the war room generals for the three main political parties:


Laura Miller runs the Liberal campaign. Handout/B.C. Liberal party [PNG Merlin Archive]

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Laura Miller runs the Liberal campaign.

Laura Miller, campaign director: After modernizing and revitalizing the party machinery for Premier Christy Clark, Miller has been tapped to lead the whole campaign this time around. Along with Clark, she’ll call the shots on deploying party resources, advertising buys, volunteers and the campaign tour in key battleground ridings.

At 38, Miller has been a driving force behind the party since the last election, reorganizing its structure, improving its fundraising, sharpening its attacks against opponents and kick-starting its social media and digital presence.

While other political parties (including the previous iteration of the Liberals under Gordon Campbell) often go dormant between elections, Miller has kept a staff busy, including paid full-time regional organizers who laid the groundwork for the campaign months in advance. Miller is “one of the best in the country” at running a party and she’s left the B.C. Liberals better organized than they’ve been in decades, veteran Liberal MLA Rich Coleman has said.

Miller remains a polarizing figure in B.C. politics. She inspires fierce loyalty …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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