Mariners’ new backstop Omar Narváez playing catch up with new staff

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PEORIA, Ariz. (AP) – Omar Narváez is expected to do plenty with the bat as the Seattle Mariners new catcher.

Marco Gonzales: Mariners ‘going to surprise people with how we play’

In his first spring training with the organization, he’s doing some important work with a 5 iron, too.

Narváez has come into camp committed to establishing a rapport with Seattle’s young pitching staff, and he’s putting in overtime on that effort. The 27-year-old isn’t just talking shop around the clubhouse and the dugout – he’s also played golf with several of the team’s pitchers already, and he’s using the time learn about his battery mates.

“The more you know the guys, the more it’s going to help me to call the game better,” Narváez said. “I like (golf), so that way, it makes it easy for me to meet everybody.”

Narváez is expected to start the majority of Seattle’s games after being acquired from the Chicago White Sox for reliever Alex Colomé in November. David Frietas is the top reserve catching candidate.

Narváez, a left-handed hitter, was quietly one of baseball’s best offensive catchers last season, hitting .275 with nine homers and a .794 OPS over 97 games.

“He’s very comfortable with the bat in his hand,” manager Scott Servais said.

To start spring training, Narváez has put an emphasis on the other side of the ball, working on his defense and building relationships with the staff. He studied video of his new pitchers before even arriving for camp.

“That pitcher-catcher relationship is huge,” Servais said. “It’s the core of your team. You are driven by the guy on the mound. … It’s the mental connection and understanding how to get the most out of the that guy on the mound. On a particular day, what is his best stuff? Taking all the …read more

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These are the biggest regulatory roadblocks holding up the global drone industry

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Drone technologies continue to improve at a rapid pace and are slowly pushing the unmanned aircraft toward the mainstream. Companies in a variety of industries are now looking to use drones to cut costs, boost efficiencies, and create new revenue streams and business values, such as last-mile retail deliveries.

But regulatory roadblocks are still holding back widespread commercial drone use in most large, developed markets. Many countries still have laws on the books that regulate drones as other aircraft, such as planes or helicopters, and prevent unmanned aircraft from flying beyond a few miles from the operator. That makes laws and regulations arguably the chief determining factor in the development of the commercial drone industry worldwide.

This new report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, will give a high-level overview of commercial drone regulations around the world. We detail the major changes in global drone regulations over the past year, and show how regulators are working to stay ahead of the nascent, yet valuable devices. In addition, we show how regulatory changes will impact the industry and allow for new enterprise use cases in the next few years.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

Regulations have helped the US, Europe, and China become the three largest potential markets in the world for commercial drone use.
In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs all commercial and consumer drone use. Meanwhile, a slew of states have their own regulations that companies deploying drones have to navigate through.
In Europe, the lack of EU-wide drone regulations creates a patchwork of national regulations that resembles the state-level rules in the US.
In China, the military controls over …read more

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