Petition seeking Imran Khan’s disqualification dismissed

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a petition seeking disqualification of Prime Minister Imran Khan under Article 62 and 63.When the hearing resumed, Justice Ahsan remarked that the petition is now ineffective.On this, PML-N leader Daniyal Chaudhry withdrew the petition, he filed in 2017.A three-member bench, headed by the Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, and comprising Justice Umar Atta Bandial and Justice Ijazul Ahsan heard the case.The petition states the premier does not fulfill Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution, and hence should be disqualified for not being Sadiq and Ameen. …read more

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Why do so many millennial brands think adults want stickers?

Ouai's back-to-school sticker set.

Glossier, Milk Makeup, Outdoor Voices, and more are giving out sticker sheets as freebies — and free advertising.

Welcome to Noticed, The Goods’ design trend column. You know that thing you’ve been seeing all over the place? Allow us to explain it.

What it is: Individual stickers and sticker sheets that aesthetically call to mind your middle school trapper keeper. These usually feature company logos, catchphrases, hashtags, and on-brand images.

Where it is: In the packaging of e-commerce shipments for brands like Ouai, Glossier, Brandy Melville, Hero Cosmetics, Outdoor Voices, Milk Makeup, and Dripkit. Companies have also been handing out stickers as their primary marketing material at influencer events and product launches.

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When talking about the sticker trend, it’s impossible to ignore the critical role of millennial beauty darling Glossier, which includes a sheet chock full of on-brand iconography (smiley faces, its own logo written in loopy letters, cherries, and stars) inside every order. Glossier also ships many of its products with limited edition seasonal logo stickers and an especially popular scented sticker to promote the launch of its first fragrance, evoking the powerful nostalgia of scratch-and-sniff.

Other players in the beauty space, like LA-based celebrity stylist Jen Atkin’s hair care line, Ouai, have taken to tailoring sticker sheets to coordinate to specific product launches, like their new back-to-school kit, which comes with a branded sticker sheet full of palm trees, ice cream cones, cherries (again), and cheeky phrases like “OUAI woke” and “Goal Digger”. Hannah Beals, director of marketing for Ouai, says …read more

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How to escape Google’s forced logins on Chrome 69

According to security researcher S. Bálint, any time someone using Chrome 69 logs into a Google service or site, they are also logged into Chrome-as-a-browser with that user account. Essentially, Google is forcefully logging users into Chrome. Chrome browser’s privacy policy notes that if you are is not signed in, all the information is locally stored on your system. However, all the data – including your browser history and password autofill information –is sent to Google servers once you’re signed in. That leads users to believe that Chrome 69’s forced login policy is sharing user data with Google. The…

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BlueStacks teams up with MSI to offer PCs with Android gaming capability built in

BlueStacks – creator of BlueStacks App Player, which lets users play Android games on Windows and Mac – has teamed up with MSI to pre-install its software on new gaming PCs.

“PC gaming has emerged as a growth market driven by eSports, streaming and games like PUBG and Fortnite. Today, most PC manufacturer’s gaming laptops and PCs represent a big percentage of their margin and growth,” says Clark Peng, vice president, head of product management for MSI.

“By integrating BlueStacks deeply to create this new category of mobile gaming devices, we are giving something that users need while expanding our potential market considerably. For the last five years we have seen PCs lose to mobile devices, we will reverse that trend in the gaming market.”

Android on the big screen

The partnership coincides with the launch of BlueStacks 4 – a major upgrade from the software’s previous version, running Android Nougat.

BlueStacks 4 offers a simplified interface, the ability to run multiple instances of the same game simultaneously, recommendations based on games you’ve previously installed and played, an updated installer that preserves your data when upgrading to a new version, new keymapping for more natural control in games, improved language support, and the ability to keep games running in the background when switching to non-Android tabs.

Because it runs on desktops and laptops, BlueStacks offers much faster speeds than mobile devices (up to six times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9), plus the convenience of PC controls.

“BlueStacks 4 represents a major new architecture for BlueStacks. Deep integration between Android runtime and Windows and its patented on-demand architecture has multiplied the performance gains,” said Surman Saraf, chief technology officer of BlueStacks.

“Also working closely with game developers and with several technological breakthroughs we have been able to produce smooth gameplay using the keyboard and …read more

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